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Oprah mag sued by erotica publisher

A German publisher of erotica said on Monday he was suing for breach of copyright against a magazine Oprah Winfrey, Reuters reports.

In a New York court filing on Monday, Ronald Brockmeyer, publisher of O Magazine said that O, The Oprah Magazine, a title that regularly features Winfrey on the cover, had engaged in unfair competition and trademark infringement.

"I know that lawsuits are a burden on your life but I had no choice," the Essen-based Brockmeyer said in a statement. "O is my trademark. I built it up and protected it for years."

The German magazine features 100 pages without advertising with erotic photographs, including of women, scantily clad in shiny black, in a variety of poses. It sells for $12.95 in the United States.