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Network News

Editor: [P.J. Bednarski's] column ( Nov. 25, "Praising Network News," p.55) coupled with the death of the Dean of Newswriting, Ed Bliss, reminded me of how efficient we can be with language and how wasteful the cable networks have become.

In fact, I've become annoyed with the cable networks' lack of news. Cable news has become talk radio with pictures. I don't watch the news to see people scream at and interrupt each other. I don't watch the news to see every event reflected under a political spotlight of right or left, good or evil.

I dislike everything being an "alert." The once useful crawl has become an annoyance scrolling yesterday's news at an unreadable speed.

Call me a dinosaur, but I'll take my news from the networks' dinosaurs, who understand the value of well-scripted words and a program that balances the events of the day and is produced to generate light, not heat.

David Cohen
Morgan Hill, Calif.

Editor: Having enjoyed [P.J. Bednarski's} to-the-point column (Nov. 25, "Praising Network News," p.55) in B&C, I am compelled to share with you one more example of the all-news mentality.

I observed a few weeks ago on CNN a talking head, background graphic "War With Iraq" and the sub-heading: "War Will Complicate Peacetime Exercises." Stating the obvious as "news" is, I agree with you, a waste of my time. This example went beyond that to insult viewers' intelligence.

Ralph Justus

Walters Revisited

Editor: You hit the bullseye (Dec. 2, "Walters Gives 'Em Hell," p.41). Walters and King have more bull than eye, and I don't mean CBS. The FCC ought to be horsewhipped for allowing local news coverage by radio and TV stations to be fossilized. Radio/TV news content, depth and coverage were much better before deregulation. Thanks for the great "shudda-cudda."

Bill Wippel
Bill Wippel Public Relations, Normandy Park, Wash.

Format Redesign

Editor: Congratulations on B&C's new format. It's well-organized, fast-paced and thorough. A great update to a "must-read" weekly. Thanks.

Dennis FitzSimons, president and COO Tribune Co., Chicago

Editor: I love the new look. At first I was startled, thinking I had picked up the wrong magazine, but the new look is fresh, breezy and eye-catching. I've subscribed to B&C for more than 30 years; times change, and, sometimes, wading through the broadcasting "Bible" was too time-consuming.

All of us are inundated with information sources daily competing for our precious time. Your new easy-to-read format gets my attention and will be read!

Bill Taylor, president Nufuture.TV, Aiken, S.C.

Editor: I don't like [your redesign]. It is hard to handle—not user-friendly. It is floppy and gets a sun glare.

I chose BROADCASTING & CABLE originally over Multichannel News
or Electronic Media
because of the magazine-size format. Please change it back.

Duana Lankford, on-air promotions Turner Network Television, Atlanta

Editor: I received the recent issue of BROADCASTING & CABLE and think the new format is great. Now, BROADCASTING & CABLE and Multichannel News
do indeed come from the same publisher. But, no matter how the magazine looks, the reporting always has to deliver. So, just keep up the good reporting.

Amanda Nanawa, programming manager Chronicle DTV, New York

Editor: Easy to Read. Clean lines. Nice color. Congratulations. Not so "dry" like the old magazine.

Dan Cohen, GM Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Editor: I've waited to read a couple of issues of your redesigned magazine before commenting on it. As you can imagine, it takes some readjusting for longtime subscribers like me.

My opinion: It's a great improvement. The editorial content appears to have increased, and the layout is much better. The whole magazine just seems more professional.

And for some unexplained reason, since switching to the new size, I've been getting faster delivery by several days. I guess the Post Office prefers your new size, too.

Robert Nelson, president Nelson Group, Los Angeles

Editor: I like the old design better. It folded into my briefcase easier and was easier to read standing up on the train!

Chris Jordan, senior VP/COO, Katz Continental Television Sales, New York

Editor: I have been a subscriber since 1975. Your new format is OK. There must be something behind this change. You probably made the change to save money or cut down on expenses. If I am wrong you can let me know. I would rather pay more and continue with the old BROADCASTING & CABLE .

Michael Hon
Daytona Beach, Fla.

Editor: Although I always enjoyed the magazine format, I like the organization, readability and pleasing design of your new newspaper. It seems also that you have expanded your programming content, which I felt was becoming a smaller component of your publication. Thanks for doing so. In fact, the entire newspaper seems beefier.

I am also pleased that I don't have to shuffle to the back of the newspaper to finish reading every story I began at the front. Keep this up! It's nice to approach the paper in a linear way without constantly folding back and forth to read one story. Ah, if only all life's problems were so simple, but still, it's appreciated.

Thanks for keeping it fresh.

R. Brian DiPirro, director Glass Tower Productions, Glendale, Calif.