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Online Advertising Potential Growing for Local Marketers

The increase of U.S. internet and mobile device users has
led to an increased opportunity to offer online advertising channels to local
marketers, reported

eMarketer predicts that 80% of the U.S. population will
have internet access, with more than half having the web on their mobile
devices.  With this increasing number,
local marketers are given the chance to advertise to their customers more
quickly and interactively.

BIA/Kelsey, a media and advertising adviser, expects U.S.
and local online ad spending will make up 16.2% of all local ad spending this
year, and grow to 24% of all local ad spending by 2015. In local online and
interactive advertising, Borrell Associates, an advertising research and
consulting firm, predicts that by 2015, two-thirds of it will come from mobile
ads on tablets, smartphones, and GPS-enabled laptops.

Local marketers still rely on search engines to place
their advertisements, but have also joined social media networking sites such
as Facebook and LinkedIn to further establish their online presences.
Traditional media, such as print ads, have also not been abandoned; they are
still used frequently and sometimes preferred over online outlets. -- Lindsay Rubino