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OfficeDropPitches Custom Cloud Storage

OfficeDrop has been stepping up its marketing of a white
label product for cable and internet service providers (ISPs) that would allow
them to offer their own cloud-based storage solutions to small businesses.

"Operators are seeing more customers asking for these
solutions," notes Healy Jones, VP of marketing and business development at
OfficeDrop. "But building a cloud storage platform and apps from scratch is
incredibly expensive and time consuming. So we are providing them with a white
label offering to help their customers store and backup data online."

The comprehensive solutions, which OfficeDrop says can be
implemented in just a few months, includes access to cloud storage backend of
the customer's choice; branded mobile, web and tablet apps that link any
devices to the cloud; a full-featured online storage account for consumers that
includes search, sync and sharing; seamless integration with the providers
current products and services; and other features.

The product would tap into a push by operators to expand
their small businesses offerings, which has been a rapidly growing business in
recent years. But Jones also believes that it has great potential for consumers
as well, given the rapidly growing interest in accessing more content on
multiple devices.

"For the cable companies, people are moving data through
their pipes into the cloud so it makes sense for them to capture some of that
revenue so that it is not just about taking on a cost," Jones notes.

He also notes that the solution offers flexible,
customizable pricing plans and that its supports different cloud-hosting
services. "We currently host on Amazon but it is agnostic," Jones says. "Cable
operators with their own data centers don't have to go outside their network if
they don't want to."