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Oceanic Time Warner Cable Kicks Off University Of Hawaii Sports Network

Oceanic Time Warner Cable on Friday will launch a channel dedicated to University of Hawaii athletics and other local fare.

Positioned on channel 12 in standard-definition, and channel 1012 in high-definition, OC Sports will become the first regional sports network devoted to a specific university's athletic program, presenting live telecasts of University of Hawaii sports and an expanded menu of repeat telecasts throughout the year.

As in past years, Oceanic will also provide pay-per-view telecasts of many University of Hawaii football, basketball and wahine basketball games. OCSports PPV resides on channel 255 in standard-definition and channel 1255 in high-definition.

OC Sports will be offered to other video providers, including DirecTV and Hawaiin Telcom, according to a spokesman for the cable operator.

Back on the mainland, Time Warner Cable has increased its sports presence, securing Los Angeles Lakers rights to form a pair of Los Angeles-based RSNs, hired veteran David Rone as president of the recently established TWC Sports and committed to launching the Pac 12's array of  RSNs. However, OC Sports is not part of TWC's nascent sports unit.

OCSports kicks off its coverage of the University of Hawaii's women soccer team's opener against Washington State University on Aug. 19.

As such, OC Sports will beat ESPN's and the University of Texas' Longhorn Network out of the chute. That RSN is scheduled to launch on Aug. 26.
Oceanic takes over production from its former partner, KFVE, the longtime carrier of University of Hawaii sports.
"Our OCSports services were designed to shine a bright light on University of Hawai‘i athletics and to help make those athletic programs fantastic local entertainment options in Hawaii," said Oceanic president Bob Barlow in announcing the network.

"Hawaii fans have a unique relationship with University of Hawaii athletics, and we're pleased that our relationship with Oceanic Time Warner Cable will provide full access to our live sporting events," noted UH athletic director Jim Donovan. "This is a long-term commitment built upon passion, professionalism, integrity and community. It's a win-win for everyone."

Oceanic serves more than 400,000 households, schools and businesses on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai and Hawaii.