NYC Council mulls WBAI uproar

The New York City Council's Civil Sercie and Labor Committee conducted a contentious public hearing on Monday on a resolution to restore "democratic, legal management" to WBAI-FM, the New York Daily News reports.

WBAI's management and its parent, Pacifica Foundation, have been taking heat from critics - particularly disgruntled staffers - who contend that station manager Utrice Leid and Pacifica executive director Bessie Walsh have fired show hosts without reason and imposed censorship standards. That runs counter to WBAI's politically radical tradition as Pacifica's New York City outlet.

Richard Antones, a WBAI staffer, read a statement from Wash, telling the council that passing the resolution " would not only be unwise, but contrary to law." Councilwoman Christine Quinn, who introduced the resolution called Wash's statement "incorrect and offensive."

Former WBAI morning host Bernard White, who was fired from that post, said of Leid, "We could not believe that someone we held in such high esteem could be involved in something so diabolical."

The council committee delayed a vote on the resolution.