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Theplatform To Manage Helio’s Video

Comcast’s broadband video “white-label” thePlatform has made an agreement to manage Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Helio’s mobile content. As part of the agreement, thePlatform will provide Helio, a $440 million joint venture between Earthlink and SK Telecom, with content-management tools.

This is the third such deal for thePlatform, which has existing back-end deals with Verizon Wireless’ V-Cast services as well as with MVNO Amp’d Mobile.

NBC Adds Social-Networking Features has introduced a variety of new “social networking” features to its Website. Visitors to are now able to register and set preferences on the Website, which will be saved and reappear on return visits. A new collapsible menu on the site allows viewers to order NBC programming in order to create a personal viewing playlist.

The Website will also offer suggestions of other programming based on the shows you have selected. In addition, according to the company, visitors will soon be able to “upload and share their own videos and photos, create public profiles” and other activities normally associated with networks like MySpace and Facebook.

CBC Brings Content to Sprint TV

CBS content is now available on Sprint TV, Sprint Nextel’s mobile-TV offering, According to the two companies .

Subscribers to Sprint TV can access from their phones live “mobilecasts” of the CBS Evening News With Katie Couric, full episodes of Jericho on-demand and brief video clips from CBS shows past and present, including CSI, Numb3rs, The Late Show With David Letterman, The Brady Bunch and I Love Lucy.

The companies have agreed to let CBS sell advertising on its Sprint TV programming. Clips will include pre-roll advertisements, while the longer programming will include full-length spots.