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‘Not Necessary To Encompass Adolescents’

WASHINGTON — The Federal Trade Commission has
proposed some “significant revisions” to its foodmarketing
guidelines. They include the following
conclusions, as outlined by David Vladeck, director
of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

■ “With the exception of certain in-school marketing
activities, it is not necessary to encompass adolescents
ages 12 to 17 within the scope of covered

■ “[P]hilanthropic activities, charitable events,
community programs, entertainment and sporting
events, and theme parks are, for the most part,
directed to families or the general community and
do not warrant inclusion with more specifically
child-directed marketing.”

■ “[T]he Commission staff does not contemplate
recommending that food companies change
the trade dress elements of their packaging or remove
brand equity characters from food products
that don’t meet nutrition recommendations.”