Nokia's Guido Voltolina: Quality VR on the Rise

During the final days of CES, Guido Voltolina seemed as tired as most everyone who worked the annual tech convention.

Yet the head of virtual reality capture for Nokia, makers of the professional-grade Ozo VR camera and VR production ecosystem, still managed to sound excited about the state of the VR industry, and not just about what his company is doing in the space.

“The trend we’re seeing is, the quality of content has become really appealing and entertaining,” Voltolina said. “The fact is, there’s a business growing, it’s just not mature. [And] although virtual reality is new and novel, the availability and quality of experiences are becoming mature.”

To date, there’s been “lots of trying” and “lots of demos” for first-adopters of today’s VR technology, he said, but added that after everything he saw during a week at CES, “the [cinematic VR] content is really appealing and entertaining, and it’s [getting] better and better.”

Specifically, Voltolina pointed to what Hollywood studios are doing in the VR space, such as 20th Century Fox debuting VR experiences for both its “Alien” and “Planet of the Apes” franchises. He noted that Sony Pictures has partnered with Nokia to produce VR content as well.

VR had been treated as a marketing gimmick -- something to tie into the intellectual property of franchises, Voltolino said.

“It was just a commercial, a marketing item,” Voltolina said. “Now it’s a complimentary piece to the content."