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No, We're Number 1

Editor: A major disconnect occurred in the Aug. 4 market profile of New York City titled “Grand Central Stations.” Your publication rightly notes that WABC-TV in New York “had a smashing May sweeps, winning total day household ratings, primetime and morning, evening and late news.” The article then ranks each TV station's dollar share of the New York market in 2007.

It should be pointed out that for quite some time now—including last year—WABC-TV's top ratings in local news and other areas have logically translated to top revenues in the market.

Rebecca S. Campbell
President, General Manager

(Editors note: In all Market Eye articles, B&C cites data provided by BIA Financial Network, which collects market and financial data about stations nationwide based on their participation. BIA states that it appreciates any new information that is provided by these television stations.)