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No huff in Powerpuff , Arnold

Cartoon Network's Powerpuff Girls and Nickelodeon's Hey, Arnold are
no Boy Genius.

While Nick's Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius raked in $80 million last
winter, feature films for the Girls and Arnold have yet to make a
similar splash.

Since its July 3 debut, Powerpuff Girls, Cartoon's first feature, has
grossed $10 million, while Hey, Arnold weighed in at $13 million after
three weeks.

Network executives said international play, home video and DVD will boost
their takes.

Another cable star, Animal Planet's Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin,
isn't a big-screen smash yet, either. After one week, The Crocodile Hunter:
Collision Course
had taken in $9.5 million.

Cartoon and Nick both said they are in the movie business to stay.

Later this year, Nick releases a Wild Thornberrys film, and there's
talk of a SpongeBob SquarePants movie and a Rugrats-Wild Thornberrys

New Line Cinema is also producing a live-action version of Cartoon hit Samurai Jack.