NJ DJ sets Guinness radio record

New Jersey DJ Glenn Jones unofficially set the world record on WFMU for longest continuous radio broadcast at 93 hours early Tuesday morning.

Jones, 39, said he wanted to remain on the air at the East Orange, N.J. station until he hit the 100-hour mark at about 1 p.m.(ET), and would then decide whether to continue. Jones set the record at 10:34 a.m. Monday at 73 hours, 34 minutes - one minute longer than a broadcast by British DJ Greg Daines. "I am the heavyweight champion of the world" Jones proclaimed.

He played an eclectic musical mix to reach that point, from the cast of The Muppet Movie to the Grateful Dead, and played Frank Sinatra's rendition of "My Way" just moments after breaking the record.

Jones had to follow a strict set of rules, permitting a 15-minute break every eight hours, and songs between two and six minutes in length. The broadcast must still be certified by Guinness World Records, station officials said.