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Nightline Associate Director Exiting

ABC has confirmed that Bob Golumbik, associate director at Nightline in Washington, is leaving.

Ever since George Murphy exited as senior director of the show last May, Golombik has often functioned as the program's Washington director.

An ABC spokeswoman says Golumbik left voluntarily and will be replaced in Washington.

Although the show's main director is in New York, the D.C. bureau still needs a director, including for Nightline Washington anchor Terry Moran, who works out of a small third-floor studio in the Washington bureau and is one of three hosts for the show, the other two, as well as the main studio, now located in New York.

In fact, the D.C. director's position has morphed from a Nightline post to a 24/7 job to handle material gathered out of Washington for other broadcasts--World News Tonight, the ABC News Now Broadband service, or State of the Union coverage, for instance--as well as whatever is needed for Nightline.

No word on where Golombik is heading, though he might do some independent consulting.