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Nielsen: Viewers Streaming Online Video Watch Less TV

Nielsen's "State of the
Media: Cross Platform Report" says that those who stream the most television
content online are less likely to watch traditional TV, Media
Daily News reported.

In the first quarter of 2011,
those who viewed the most content online watched 18.8 minutes of video a day as
well as 272.4 minutes of traditional TV, the article said. The group that watched the least
amount of streamed content viewed 0.1 minutes online and watched 270.7 minutes
of traditional TV.

According to the report, the 18-34 demo is
most likely to engage in this behavior, the article noted.  The consumers in that group streaming the most
amount of online video watched 27.1 minutes a day and 212.1 minutes of
traditional TV. Conversely, those who streamed the least amount of content
viewed 0.1 minutes a day and 246.5 minutes of traditional television. Nielsen
also reported that more than a third of TV/Internet users do not stream any
online video and less than 1% does not watch television at all.

The number of U.S. television viewers has
grown 22 minutes from last year to 158 hours, 47 minutes, with those who watch
the most TV clocking in at 10 hours a day and the least, one hour.

"While certain segments of the population are migrating
toward specific services and viewing habits, the resounding trend is this:
Americans are spending more time watching video content on traditional TV,
mobile devices and via the Internet than ever before," Nielsen said, according to the article.