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Nielsen to Track Ratings for GolTV

Nielsen Co. and GolTV, the 24-hour soccer cable channel, reached an agreement to report program ratings in Nielsen’s U.S. Hispanic cable service, known as the Nielsen Homevideo Index Hispanic Service. The agreement is effective Oct. 1.

GolTV’s ratings will be derived from the Hispanic sub-sample of Nielsen’s National People Meter panel. About 1,300 Hispanic households are included in the Hispanic sample. 

Prior to this, the network was receiving access to quarterly Nielsen Hispanic data for their internal use but was not published to the marketplace.

With the new agreement, GolTV will be one of only four fully rated Spanish-language cable networks that will be accessible to national clients. The network will receive an NHIH Hispanic Cable Pocketpiece book, which covers various programs and dayparts and will be distributed to all National clients. Other services include NHIH English language cable network Reports, monthly sample characteristics report, rights to publishing data and access to Nielsen’s Galaxy Software.

On Aug. 27, Nielsen announced that it was retiring its National Hispanic People Meter panel, a separate Hispanic-only sample established in 1992, and that it would be using the larger National People Meter sample for all national television ratings reporting. The HNIH service draws upon Hispanic panelists in the National People Meter sample.