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Nielsen to Reed Hastings: 'Gauge This'

Nielsen's 'The Gauge' June 2021
(Image credit: Nielsen)

When Nielsen last month introduced the first in a monthly series of pie charts, revealing how TV is distributed in the U.S., it caused a bit of a stir, showing just now relatively nascent Netflix and the rest of the video streaming realm are when compared to the still very considerable platforms of broadcast and cable television. 

Nielsen's "The Gauge" also drew attention for who it didn't include: Netflix co-founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings tweeted out his dismay that rival HBO Max and its CEO, Jason Kilar, were excluded from the infographic. 

“Wild that most TV time in USA is still legacy linear. Stream team needs to up its game. @jasonkilar we need you on the board too,” Hastings wrote in a tweet that also included Nielsen's new infograhic. 

Hastings postulated that HBO Max would account for about 1% of U.S. TV viewing, around the same as Disney Plus in the month of May. 

Jump forward a month, and little has changed for the June iteration of "The Gauge." Streaming is up only about 1% as a category, and HBO Max is still not included on the infographic. Max still isn't included in Nielsen's weekly streaming audience measurement report, either.

Next TV also reached out to Nielsen a month ago to ask about HBO Max's inclusion, but we got crickets back.