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Netflix Accounted for Only 6% of U.S. TV Watching in May: Nielsen

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Netflix accounted for just 6% of U.S. video consumption in May, same as YouTube (we thought it'd be higher than that).

And just 26% of video watching last month came from streaming.

These surprises and more can be found in "The Gauge," a new info graphic, updated monthly, Nielsen is now including in its weekly audience reports. 

"The Gauge pulls back the curtain on just how much today’s major streaming platforms are being used. It’s an important step forward in the journey towards true cross-platform measurement, an undertaking that Nielsen will be uniquely equipped to handle with Nielsen ONE," the research company said, in a note introducing the new infographic. 

If you scroll past the not-so-reader-friendly clutter below, you can see the new infographic?


Nielsen's 'The Gauge'

(Image credit: Nielsen)