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Nielsen Software Drills Into Ratings Data

Nielsen Media Research released Arianna, a software tool used to analyze ratings data in local markets, for the first time in the U.S. marketplace, officials said Monday.

The software enables local clients to go beyond the reporting capabilities of existing software and move into the arena of desktop-data analysis. The version of Arianna released Monday can analyze metered-market overnight-ratings data for a single market.

The product will first be rolled out to Local People Meter markets -- the 10 markets that are currently metered by this technology and the three markets scheduled for 2007. Arianna will then be rolled out to set-meter markets during the first quarter. A version for agency, rep-firm and national broadcast and cable clients, which includes a multimarket report, will be released later this year.

Arianna is the AGB Nielsen Media Research proprietary analysis-software tool that is used by Nielsen Media Research under license. The AGB Group and Nielsen Media Research International formed a joint venture in August 2005 to offer television ratings in 30 countries under the AGB Nielsen Media Research brand name.

It is through an agreement with the JV that Nielsen can market Arianna, which was initially developed by AGB and modified jointly by the JV and Nielsen for the U.S. market. Arianna is currently in use in 30 countries across four continents.