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Nielsen: Product Placement On The Rise On Broadcast TV

Product placement is way up on broadcast TV, but essentially flat on cable. That's according to a new study of prime time plugs by Nielsen for the first quarter of 2008. But cable still far outpaces broadcast in the number of such plugs.

 Product placement on broadcast TV was up 39% to 15,404 for the top ten shows in the first quarter, with NBC's Biggest Loser the big winner in placements with 3,977, edging out American Idol with 3,291.

 The only scripted show to make the top 10 broadcast shows in product placement was One Tree Hill, which came in at number 10 with 557.

 NBC had three of the top four, with Apprentice (3) and Deal Or No Deal (4) joining Biggest Loser in the winners circle.

Deal was boosted by a single NFL-themed episode with the logo visible on the set and NFL helmets scattered around amongst the models and contestants wearing NFL clothing. That episode alone accounted for 1,372 plugs.

 The writers strike affected the numbers, with more reality shows used to fill in for the absence of scripted, including Big Brother, moved up from a summer run.

 Coke, which is an American Idol co-sponsor, was the top promoted brand on broadcast TV

 Cable plugs, by contrast, were actually down by a percentage point to 59,308 for the top 10 shows. The top show was American Chopper with 16,164 and the most-plugged product was Under Armour.