Nielsen to meter Knoxville

Nielsen Media Research said Tuesday that Knoxville, Tenn., DMA No. 62, will
become a metered market in October.

The research-measurement company will begin with 300 sample homes, increasing
to 400 one year after.

'We want to bring electronic measurement to as many markets as will support this
expanded service,' Nielsen general manager of local services Jack Oken said. 'We
are delighted to offer our Knoxville clients electronic ratings service 24
hours a day, 365 days a year.'

So far, only WBXX-TV, the ACME Communications Inc.-owned The WB Television Network affiliate, has signed on as a client.

Other stations have expressed concerns about the increased cost and timing of
the meters.

WVLT(TV) GM Chris Baker said his budget for 2002 had been
set before Nielsen told them of the measurement switch, and meters are a
considerable expense.

Stations in the market
currently pay in the mid-five-figures annual range. But that could
increase severalfold, depending on the pay schedule, for the combined meter-diary service -- although Nielsen offers
sliding-scale payments to stations to sign them on to the
meters at a lower monthly cost.

Rates would increase as, presumably, the increased information from meters
attracts more national advertising dollars to the market.

Baker said his station still might become a subscriber, but not likely this

Jeff Lee, GM at market-leading NBC affiliate WBIR-TV, agreed
that the increased costs would be a challenge, but he said he will continue to
talk with Nielsen and no decision has been made regarding subscribing.

Nielsen said it doesn't expect the market to be as
difficult to win over as Fort Myers, Fla., and the newly People Metered
Boston, each of which have only one broadcast subscriber.