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Nielsen: Hispanic TV Homes Jump to 40% This Season

With results of the 2010 Census
expected to show a significant increase in the Hispanic population, Nielsen has
been busy re-aligning its demographic meter. The television measurement company
estimates that 40% of U.S. television homes this season will be Hispanic households.
That's an increase of 3.07%, or nearly 400,000 Hispanic homes season-to-season.
It also outpaces overall household gains season-to-season (0.87%) by more than
three to one.

There were also more rank changes this
season in local markets compared to the previous season. Among the top 50
Hispanic markets, 22 markets changed rank this year, compared to only six last
year. Philadelphia had the largest increase, gaining 8% compared to last
year, followed by Kansas City (up 7.7%).

A modest increase in African-American
and Asian households is also expected this season. In the top 50 African-American
markets, Kansas City had the largest increase, up 4.7% year-to-year. And in the
top 50 Asian markets, Austin increased by 3.7%.