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Nielsen to Develop New Audience Measurement Systems by 2014

By 2014, Nielsen hopes to have a new audience measurement system, which will include cross-platform, reports MediaPost.

Dubbed "GTAM," which stands for Global Television Audience Metering, it includes four new audience measurement techniques. Nielsen has been quietly telling clients about the iniative this week, says the report.

The four new metering solutions include the "GTAM meter," which the report states will be the primary device Nielsen plans to use. The second technology in development is a lighter meter, "GTAM Lite Meter," which measures TV audiences in households that have fewer electronic devices in them and are less complicated to measure, according to the report.

A third device, the "Code Reader," is an even smaller device that relies entirely on its ability to monitor the digital codes associated with TV and video programming.

The fourth metering technology may be the most controversial, according to the report. It is designed to replace its current people meters, now the state-of-the-art in Nielsen's TV metering portfolio. It is called the "Scrolling Text People Meter," designed to improve the cooperation and compliance of people watching TV in a sample household, which may influence how people watch TV, according to the report.