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Nielsen: Census Shows Boost in Minority Viewing Households

Nielsen said Monday that there are now 13,957,750 Hispanic/Latino TV homes, up 4.6% (or over 600,000) homes over the 2010-2011 season.

That is according to its latest TV Universe Estimate, the first to include info from the 2010 Census.

Asian Households are up 9.6% (over 400,000 homes) over 2010-2011 to 4,812,310. "The rapid growth of the Hispanic market has generated a number of headlines since the Census numbers were revealed, but the increase of Asian households should not be overlooked," said Pat McDonough, Nielsen SVP, in announcing the updated numbers.

African American households increased by 1.5% to 14,277,840.

Among the top-50 Hispanic markets, Hartford/New Haven, Conn.; Washington; Milwaukee; Raleigh; Minneapolis all moved up in the rankings following the census.