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Nielsen: 143.9 Million Americans Viewed Online Video in January

Nielsen reported that over 143 million Americans viewed online content in January - almost half of U.S. citizens - according to MediaPost.

online viewing averaged four hours and 39 minutes per person for the
month. Mobile video viewing also experienced a spike, up 41% from the
same time as last year.

broadcast network websites received good news from Nielsen as well. As
social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter keep growing, in January
49% of all social networking and blog sites also spent time on the
network web sites. Twitter alone had a 76% overlap with the broadcast
network sites.

the market as a whole, TV advertising grew 8% in 2010 to $69 billion.
Of that, $20 million went to prime-time programming (a 6% increase), and
accounted for 43% of all TV advertising. TV advertising as a whole is
up 5.4% and takes up 57% of all U.S. advertising. -Tim Baysinger