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Nickelodeon Introduces Trendetta

On Monday, Feb. 19 Nickelodeon’s teen network The N will introduce Trendetta, its first attempt at online multiplayer gaming. The game will be available through

Essentially free trend-spotting research for the Viacom-owned network, according to a statement Trendetta pits groups of players against each other to “control the whims of public opinion and promote their favorite trends, fashions, musicians and celebs using word of mouth, television, the internet and the much coveted celebrity endorsement.” Top players can aim to have their trends listed on the site’s “50 Hottest Trends” list.

Trends dealt with in Trendetta will be changing regularly and users will be encouraged to use the sites social networking and chat features. The game comes a month after sibling-net Nickelodeon launched another online-game/social-network, Nictropolis.

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