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NFL Football on iTunes

The NFL will sell video downloads of game highlights on iTunes the day after games are played. Beginning Sept. 18, each regular season game's highlights will go for $1.99 or a season pass for any one team will be $24.99. NFL Network's Sunday night wrap-up show NFL GameDay will also be available for $1.99 an episode or $19.99 for the full season.

Apple Computer made the NFL announcement at a San Francisco press conference today in which the company revealed its long expected movie store and several other new ventures. Apple says iTunes has sold more than 45 million downloads of the 220 TV shows it offers.

Apple is also now selling movies from four studios, including Disney and Pixar, on its iTunes music store. Movies will be available the day they come out on DVD with new releases selling for $12.99 as pre-orders or during the first week and for $14.99 afterward.

Apple plans to introduce a device called the iTV to facilitate the transfer of movies and TV shows from computers to TV sets in another room. Controlled with an Apple remote, the device hooks into a TV, set-top box or home theater.