Nextel backs 9/11 repeat on CBS

Nextel Communications Inc. will underwrite CBS' prime time repeat of documentary 9/11 on the night of Sept. 11.

The special is a documentary about the events of Sept. 11 from the perspective of
firemen and two filmmakers who were filming them for an unrelated project.

The filmmakers, brothers Jules and Gedeon Naudet, had
been working all summer on a profile of a probationary fireman stationed at a
firehouse just blocks from the World Trade Center. Their footage contains the
only known film of the first hijacked plane striking Tower 1 and the only known
images from inside Tower 1 on that morning, according to a Nextel-sponsored (opens in new tab)

9/11 area
(opens in new tab)of the CBS Web site (opens in new tab)

There will be no commercial interruptions.

Nextel was also the underwriter when 9/11 first ran on CBS in March.