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Next TV: Programmatic 'Is Not Here To Destroy'

Santa Clara, Calif. — Programmatic advertising is not something the industry needs to be afraid of.

“For those who come more from a content background, programmatic is not here to destroy that unique value ad,” said Dan Salmon, media and Internet marketing analyst at BMO Capital Markets, Thursday during B&C and Multichannel News’ Next TV Summit San Francisco. “And it will work its way into this ecosystem and help support better efficiency of monetization.”

His comments summed up the two panels he moderated during the two-day event about the topic.

“I think the reason why it’s scary is probably because of our TV but also the commoditization,” said Brent Horowitz, vice president of business development at BrightRoll, during the session Thursday titled “Advanced Programmatic Video Advertising.

In addition to Salmon, Horowitz was joined on stage by Frank Barbieri, senior vice president of corporate development at YuMe and Amanda Powter, vice president of product, programmatic TV for AOL Platforms’ Adap.TV.

“You really have to if you’re in the business, craft this ad experience, using programmatic as a tool but continuing to pay attention,” said Barbieri, explaining that people can’t think like the direct response world.

Farhad Massoudi, founder of and CEO of adRise, took this concept a step further on Wednesday during the Next TV panel titled “Programmatic Advertising TV, Mobile and Internet.”

Programmatic allows for the optimization of the digital world’s many layers, he said.

“The capabilities on an IP driven over-the-top unit are much more extensive than traditional set-top,” said Massoudi, who was joined on stage Wednesday by Salmon, Doug Hurd, cofounder, executive vice president of business development, clypd; and Wendell Wenjen, vice president of business development at Simulmedia.

“If you can introduce efficiency through automation, that’s a good thing for everyone,” said Hurd.