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Newsweek: McGraw-Hill Top Green Media Company

McGraw-Hill was the greenest media company in the "media, travel & leisure" sector at number 39, according to

a just-released Newsweek ranking based on a combination of the company's environmental impact, green

policies and performance and reputation.

Disney was next at number 69, followed by Omnicom Group at 106, News Corp. at 107, Time Warner at 163, Comcast
at 242, The Washington Post at 285, Time Warner Cable at 286, Viacom at 298, Liberty at 333, Gannett at 341,
Discovery at 347, Liberty Media (Interactive) at 390, Interpublic Group at 393, Cablevision at 418, CBS at

422, DirecTV at 424; and DISH at 429.

Computer companies were among the highest ranked of any sector. Dell, Hewlett-Packard and IBM were ranked first, second and third, respectively. Sprint Nextel was also in the top ten at number six.