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Newseum to Honor Fallen Journalists

On May 13, the Newseum will rededicate its Journalists
Memorial and add the names of 90 more journalists who died in the line of duty.

The annual ceremony began in 1996. This year, the event will
be keynoted by NBC News' Richard Engel, who was kidnapped and held for five
days in Syria last year along with members of his production crew.

Eighty-four of the names are journalists who died in 2012,
while another six are from previous years. Among the names already on the wall
is The Wall Street Journal's Daniel Pearl, a former Washington media
beat reporter who was kidnapped and murdered in 2002 covering Islamic
extremists in Pakistan.

The Newseum is making print and online ads
honoring the fallen available for outlets to run on or around May 13.
Information on the ads and downloadable PDFs can be found here.