News Licensing Group Taps David Westin to be President and CEO

Former ABC News President David Westin has been named the president/CEO of News Licensing Group, it was announced Thursday.

this summer, News Licensing Group was set up by the AP Board of
Directors to protect and license original news content the increasing
number of digital communications products and services. The new
organization will feature content and data from the AP as well as more
than 1,000 digital publications. Over two dozen organizations have
already promised to give their support.

News Licensing Group will owned by its founding news organizations,
which will be announced at a later date, and will likely feature both
domestic and international participants.

said in February that the News Licensing Group will be a game changer
for news providers worldwide, and we have in David Westin the right
person, respected throughout the news and entertainment industry, to
ensure that this happens," said Tom Curley, president and CEO of the AP.

side Westin will be Srinandan Kasi, who will be leaving his post as the
AP's vice president and general counsel. Kasi will serve as EVP and COO
of the new organization.

Westin had been ABC News president from 1997 until 2010.