New Software for Terayon's ‘CherryPicker’

Terayon Communication Systems Inc. has added a new 4.0 software release for its “CherryPicker” product line that the company said will help operators in the all-digital transition.

Among the new features are a distributed chassis, a master-control-management console and a program-redundancy feature.

The distributed-chassis software allows operators to acquire, manage and distribute digital-video services from any point in the network to any other point, Terayon said, eliminating the need to install expensive duplication equipment at various points throughout the network. The distributed chassis increases the input capacity by up to 400% without the use of an internal switch.

The master-control-management console allows for easy point-and-click access for configuration, monitoring and management of multiple CherryPickers.

And the program-redundancy feature improves service reliability by allowing for automatic switching to an alternative or backup program source.