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New Service Will Make Buying Infomercial Products Easier

It's about to become a whole lot easier to buy that snuggie or sham-wow, reports AdAge.

marketer TVGoods, which last week purchased, is
partnering with Delivery Agent to launch a service that makes buying
products seen on TV easier. Later this year, 20 million households are
expected to be able to purchase items from infomercials with the click
of their remote.

other households, people will able to use their iPhone or Andriod
device by holding it up to catch the sound of the infomercial. Viewers
will even be able to buy some of the items they see on regular

Agent also runs TV Wallet, which the company describes as a
"transaction engine" that saves customers' shipping and payment data.
Kevin Harrington, CEO of TVGoods and one of the "sharks" on ABC's Shark Tank expects to integrate his new "t-commerce" service into a future program.

though this new service is being launched, direct-response advertising
is not too profitable; Harrington noted that 75% of sales that come from
a DR ad go to pay for the media. However, marketers see this new
service as a way to boost sales since it makes that "impulse buy"
easier, noting that consumers may purchase an item that they would not
be willing to wait on the phone to order.