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New Looks for Starz, Encore Nets

Starz Entertainment Group LLC rebranded all 13 of its Starz! and Encore channels with new on-air looks and logos.

The company also launched three channels: Starz Kids & Family, which consolidates the Starz Kids and Starz Family channels; funny-focused Starz Comedy; and Starz Edge, which will target the males 18-34 demo.

Starz Theater, which had been programmed like a movie theater to air a handful of films at the same time each night, drops out of the lineup.

Encore will tack on its name to each of its thematic channels to help viewers associate the individual networks with the Encore brand.

Westerns, for example, will now be called Encore Westerns. Mystery, Drama, Action, Love and teen-targeted Wam will follow suit. Starz Entertainment Group is owned by Liberty Media.