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New Line Syndicates New Twilight Zone

New Line Television is syndicating off-UPN episodes of the remake of 1960s classic The Twilight Zone.

The show aired as an hour on UPN last season, but David Spiegelman, New Line's senior executive vice president of domestic TV distribution and marketing, said it will be offered
in syndication as 44 half-hours that can be aired as single shows or as two
half-hours back-to-back.

The show is being sold on a barter basis for a 15-month window starting June

Twilight Zone is off UPN's schedule, but not off TV for long if New Line
has anything to say about it given the summer-2004 start for a syndicated

"By giving stations a chance to run the series in June 2004, we’re giving
them a jump-start on the television season with fresh programming not commonly
available in the summer months," Spiegelman said.