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Networks still hunting for Anthrax

The anthrax sweeps continued at network news divisions Tuesday as law-enforcement and health officials sought to track more exposures.

The FBI and the New York City Department of Health conducted  environment
tests of two floors at ABC News in New York one day after the network disclosed
that the infant son of an ABC News producer had contracted skin anthrax.

Moon-suited investigators have also taken samples at Cable News Network in Atlanta and New
York, Fox News Channel and MSNBC, focusing on the newsrooms and mail facilities.

More than 1,200 NBC staffers have been screened and treated for anthrax since
last Friday (Oct. 12), when the network disclosed that an assistant to Tom Brokaw
had come down with cutaneous anthrax.

That includes MSNBC staffers who had come in from Secacus, N.J.

The New York Department of health recommended that any employee who works on
the third floor at the network's New York headquarters in Manhattan or who
visited that floor between Sept. 18 and 25 be screened and treated --
that is, tested and given antibiotics -- a network spokesman