Netflix to Sell Movies, TV Shows Online

Netflix said early Tuesday that it plans to launch a service in June that will allow subscribers to download TV shows and movies to their computers from a library of about 1,000 titles. The service has long been anticipated from Netflix, which built its business via mailing DVDs to its subscribers.

Initial movie studios supplying content include NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema and Lionsgate.

Subscription prices will vary. Netflix said subscribers to its $17.99 monthly unlimited DVD rental plan will be able to download 18 hours of online movies each month. Subscribers to the entry-level $5.99 plan will get six hours of online viewing.

Netflix said several TV networks and production companies are also supplying TV shows, including A&E Television Networks, Anime Network, Allumination FilmWorks, BBC Worldwide, Cinema Libre Studios, Egami Media, Film Movement, Hart Sharp Video, The Independent Film Channel, Magnolia Pictures, New Video Group, New Yorker Films, Palm Pictures, Seventh Art , Silvernitrate Entertainment, Starz Digital, ThinkFilm, Video Action Sports, WMG Productions and Wolfe Video.