NetCableTV Bows Net-Video-Distribution System

NetCableTV Inc. Thursday debuted an Internet-video-distribution system using “Peer-Assist” and three levels of security against piracy.

The vendor said its solution will allow owners and aggregators of video content to offer secure, superior video quality at a substantially lower cost than traditional client-server distribution methods.

NetCableTV said its technology is designed to protect files with two layers of digital-rights management -- videos are segmented into a series of smaller files that are played back in the correct sequence only by NetCableTV's desktop manager.

This scheme achieves a higher total level of security than any other transmission technology on the market today, the vendor added.

“Internet delivery of video is obviously the next big act in the electronic entertainment revolution, but the costs of standard client-server distribution quickly overwhelm most business models," NetCableTV CEO David Graves said in a prepared statement.