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Nehst to Produce Dribble Kick Throw

Newly launched film-production, financing and distribution company Nehst Studios undertook its first project, Dribble Kick Throw, a television and Web series for kids about friendship and sports.

The series follows six different kids of varying sports ability, with each episode covering a different sport. The show will also feature cameo appearances from professional athletes.

Dribble Kick Throw was created by Emmy Award-winning sports producer Jamie Eschricht and children’s programming director John Infantino.

The idea came to Nehst via PitchNehst, the studio’s online-pitch mechanism, which is an attempt to go beyond traditional Hollywood pitching methods.

Similarly, on the casting side, Nehst solicits profiles and headshots via Picture People.

“Nehst’s philosophy is to give people access to all stages of production -- from pitching, to casting, to production and distribution -- the total timeline of a project, whether it’s a feature, TV series, or Web content,” said producer Larry Meistrich, who co-founded Nehst with Internet entrepreneur Ari Friedman.” We’re excited that Dribble Kick Throw takes full advantage of this model.”

Meistrich was the producer of Oscar-winning film Sling Blade and You Can Count on Me, as well as founder of independent-film studio Shooting Gallery. Friedman is the founder of

The production house also plans to develop six other projects for multiplatform distribution.