NCTC, One Touch Intelligence Join Forces

The National Cable Television Cooperative and One Touch Intelligence are teaming up to launch a new competitive-intelligence support program for the co-op’s members, officials said Monday.

Beginning Oct. 1, members can access regularly updated competitive intelligence information via the “Competitive Intelligence” link on the Web site.

Members will have free access to regularly updated satellite TV intelligence that focuses on the competitive providers, their products, pricing, and promotions and includes daily reports, monthly re-caps, and quarterly analyses. 

NCTC members can also receive access to OneTRAK, the online intelligence resource. OneTRAK offers users a single point of access for current news, analysis, and key business metrics for the Top 50 companies in the Communications industry. Business sector coverage includes broadcast, cable, DBS, telco, wireless, Internet, media, and broadband video companies.

OneTRAK is a monthly subscription-based online intelligence service. NCTC members can access industry news and current analysis at no cost on the homepage at Access to the additional features and functionality of the OneTRAK service require a monthly service fee which has been established with the NCTC and is based on member subscriber totals.