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NCTC, Jones/NCTI Do a Deal

The National Cable Television Cooperative, a programming and hardware purchasing organization for independent operators, has launched a new member education initiative called Indie Ed that factors in a new partnership with Jones/NCTI.

The two-year agreement with Jones/NCTI includes access to discounted technical, customer care and leadership training curriculum for NCTC member companies, along with access to Amp, Jones/NCTI’s mobile learning application. In addition, some Jones/NCTI white papers, blogs and webinars will be available through the new NCTC Indie Ed educational microsite, as part of the deal.

Indie Ed itself will provide access to articles, webinars, videos, blogs and white papers on issues relevant to NCTC members, including OTT content and regulatory concerns.

“NCTC has launched a multifaceted education and training initiative in response to the needs of our members. It is our role to collaborate with educational content providers in order to support our members to help them evolve, succeed and thrive. Jones/NCTI’s content is a dynamic addition to our new initiative to resonate with members through relevant and important educational opportunities,” said Rich Fickle, NCTC president and CEO, in a statement.

“Jones/NCTI is excited to enter into this strategic partnership with NCTC,” added Stacey Slaughter, CEO of Jones/NCTI. “This alliance not only takes our relationship to the next level but also allows us to connect with more members and provide a robust suite of learning and development materials for their employees to help them to better address customer needs and evolving technology.”