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NBC/U Names Research Execs

NBC Universal Research president Alan Wurtzel has named four key lieutenants.

Sari DeCesare was named senior VP, network and cable entertainment research.  She now oversees ratings research and analysis for NBC entertainment, PAX, USA, SciFi and Bravo. 

Nancy Gallagher becomes senior VP, news, sports, network & cable affiliate research.  She will be responsible for ratings and sales research for NBC Network News, CNBC, MSNBC, NBC Sports & Olympics, as well as network and cable affiliate relations/marketing.

Horst Stipp is the new senior VP, primary & strategic research.  With the promotion, Stipp will oversee all primary research for NBC News and Sports, CNBC, MSNBC, USA, SciFi and Bravo, as well as business and corporate strategic development. 

Last but not least, Randi Schneider is VP, network broadcast & entertainment research. She will be oversee ratings analysis and research for NBC primetime, daytime and late night, NBC network sales and marketing and PAX ratings and sales research.