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NBC/Survey Monkey: Trump Gains on Clinton Nationally

Presumptive GOP Nominee Donald Trump trails Democrat Hillary Clinton by only three points nationally, 48% to 45%, according to a new NBC News/Survey Monkey online poll, compared to a 5 point lead only a week ago.

Trump leads with independents 44% to 36%.

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Clinton leads Trump with black voters, Hispanics, women and those with a college degree. Trump wins with white voters, men, and those with a high school degree or less, according to the poll.

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Very conservative Republican registered voters say they favor Trump to lead the party over House Speaker Paul Ryan 63% to 34%.

The survey was an online weekly election tracking poll May 9-15 of 14,100 adults, with a margin of error of plus or minus 1.1 percentage points for the entire survey and 2.3 points for the Republicans registered voters.