NBC U Brings VOD to Wurld

Universal Studios movies and NBC Universal TV content will be available to Peer Impact customers on-demand following a deal between NBC U and Peer Impact parent Wurld Media Inc., announced Thursday.

Peer Impact offers users a secure, high-quality environment for rental and purchase of digital content, including music, video games and, with Thursday’s announcement, major film and TV titles. All content is placed on the peer-to-peer network by Wurld, and no unauthorized content can be introduced on to the network.

“This agreement is a significant step forward in our goal to capitalize on the myriad possibilities of new digital-media services in a way that allows us to safeguard our content from illegal distribution,” NBC U chairman and CEO and General Electric Co. vice chairman Bob Wright said in a prepared statement.

NBC U Cable president David Zaslav added, “This agreement with Wurld Media furthers that commitment by allowing consumers to view the highest-quality movies securely on their computers.”