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NBC scores Matrix promo

Warner Bros. and NBC sports have signed a cross-promotion deal that gives
NBC rights to the TV debut of Warner Bros.' two-and-a-half minute trailer for
Matrix Reloaded, the sequel to the Keanu Reeves hit

The trailer for the action film will air in its entirety during the halftime
break from the action of Arena Football League coverage April 13.

It will air simultaneously in the three AFL stadiums hosting NBC games: Los Angeles,
Indiana and Colorado.

It's the kind of footage that the entertainment magazines drool over, and
they'll get snippets this week.

NBC's syndicated Access Hollywood is expected to get first dibs on the
trailer snippets.

But the network will be the first outlet to air the trailer in its entirety.

The target demographic (young men) is the same for the film and football.

Both companies will promote the upcoming debut of the trailer on their Web
sites, and NBC will promote it this week in prime time.

Sources said no money is changing hands, just promo