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NBC Revamps Transylvania

NBC and potential sister company Universal Television are developing a series for NBC
called Transylvania, based on feature film Van Helsing, which Universal
Pictures has slated for release May 7, 2004.

The show, like the movie, is conceived by Stephen Sommers, but it won’t share
any major characters or story lines.

"I didn’t want to stop imagining story lines and characters for this world
when I finished writing and directing Van Helsing," Sommers said. "The source
material is too rich and the basic narrative too promising to wait for further
installments of the film series."

Sommers wrote and directed hit movie The Mummy for Universal and
expanded that film into a franchise, including The Mummy Returns and
The Scorpion King.

NBC has signed a pilot commitment for the show, which is being developed for
fall 2004, with penalties attached if the show isn’t picked up.

Sommers and Bob Ducsay will produce the series, which would be the first TV
product to come to fruition under the pending merger of NBC and Universal.