NBC intros Other Half

NBC Enterprises rolled out Wednesday morning via satellite to stations its entire launch campaign for The Other Half.

The unveiling of the commercials, which are set to run on stations as early as next week, was done in lieu of holding a typical marketing workshop at next week's Promax/BDA in Miami. Citing a cloudy economic climate, syndicators and stations alike are scaling back their attendance at this year's conference. The Other Half spots, all produced by The Weakest Link creative team, The NBC Agency, include the show's cast arguing over who's the biggest beefcake - co-host Dick Clark seems to win the debate.

As expected (B&C, 5/14), there's also an ad with Clark and other co-hosts Danny Bonaduce, Dr. Jan Adams and Mario Lopez, walking in high-heels to the voiced-over slogan, "To truly understand a woman, it's said you have to walk a mile in their shoes." Stations watching the presentation sent various questions to the hosts online, via
theotherhalf.comThe Other Half debuts September 10.
- Susanne Ault