NBC, IBS team with HotJobs

NBC and Internet Broadcasting Systems have teamed with HotJobs.com to
localize HotJobs' national job listings.

Under the deal, HotJobs will buy advertising on NBC's top seven affiliates as
well as 30 other stations that IBS has designed and operates Websites for. Those
stations will list on their Websites HotJobs listings for their markets.

"This is an exciting opportunity for HotJobs to increase its visibility and
localize the job-search process," said Marc Karasu, Vice President Advertising
and Marketing, HotJobs. "NBC and IBS' strong local presence enables us to
deliver local listings to jobs-seekers in their hometowns."

"This relationship reinforces our ability to meet advertising clients' needs,
through local targeting, national reach and the power of television," said David
Overbeeke, Senior Vice President, NBC e-Business.

The deal is said to be worth several million dollars but NBC and IBS declined
to talk specifics.