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NBC builds a Love Shack

NBC will unveil another original summer series with the launch of hour-long relationship reality series Love Shack Monday, Aug. 26 at 9

Shack will have popular summer show Dog Eat Dog as the lead-in
for its premiere.

A second installment of Love Shack will then air in its regular
time slot, Tuesday, Aug. 27 at 8 p.m. EST.

The premise, as described in an NBC release: One single man and one single
woman will move into a Southern California mansion on a quest to find true love.

The two singles will be introduced to two members of the opposite sex, whom
they will live with and date for four days.

The participants will then compete in a variety of challenges designed to
turn up the heat in this romantic reality series.

At the end of four days of dating and competition, the principal housemates
will decide who will stay and who will leave the "love shack."

As one person is packing their bags, another potential love match will move in
to try to stake their claim.

In the sixth and final episode, one couple will win a one-year lease on their
very own love nest.