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NATPE Acquires DISCOP East

As part of its ongoing international expansion, NATPE has acquired the Budapest-based content market DISCOP East, which will take place on June 21st to 23rd this year. As a result of the deal, the event will be rebranded as NATPE/BUDAPEST for the June 2012 iteration.

NATPE reports that it will take over full organizational and managerial responsibilities for the market and run it as a companion to its highly successful Miami-based international content market, which takes place in January. The Latin American program distributors who are a big part of the Miami market are also major program sellers in Eastern Europe, where telenovelas have become extremely popular prime time fare.

Looking forward, NATPE will continue to partner with DISCOP organizers Basic Lead on regional events DISCOP Africa (scheduled for September 7th to 9th, 2011) and DISCOP Istanbul (February 28th to March 1st, 2012).

Patrick Jucaud, general manager of Basic Lead, will continue to oversee those markets and work with NATPE as the market moves towards the 2012 event.

In a statement, Jucaud noted that the deal will allow DISCOP East to expand "into a truly globally focused market" and that the "new arrangement also gives us the means to expand our events in strategic regions such as Africa, the broader Middle East and Central Asia."

Rick Feldman, president and CEO, NATPE called the deal "the next step in the evolution of our relationship" and noted in a statement that the acquisition of DISCOP East was part of NATPE's "strategy to enhance the value of NATPE in financial terms and our ability to serve our clients in growing international markets."

Feldman also noted that "the organization of two major global content markets in January and June will allow us to have a more consistent relationship with our clients throughout the year. We will continue to develop our partnership with Patrick in Africa, the broader Middle East and Central Asia and will benefit from his guidance as DISCOP East is transferred over to NATPE in preparation for June 2012."